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What we do

Affiliated Nordic AB are a venture builder that builds tech companies with scalable business models. Together with our investors we develop dedicated teams who further develop our different brands. Our management are experienced business developers and have the know-how to build, grow & scale companies on a recurring basis.

Our opportunity

We build digital platforms for the Nordic & Global market. We build our projects with a lean business model which minimizes risk and ensures a slow burn rate. Depending on project we are looking for investments on between 0.5 -5 MSEK for equity stake with generous terms & a expected ROI of 20x within the next 3-5 years. For longer investment periods such as 5-10 years we expect a ROI of 20-50x.

Who are you?

We are looking for investors who understand the digital landscape and the opportunity that stands upon us. Our projects have growth potential in both short- & long terms which means you can decide by yourself on what terms you want to get involved. We offer both passive and active investors to be a part of our journey.


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